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EDI Software Vendor Partners

Agena 3000
As a software vendor for companies in the Consumer Goods (CPG), Retail, eCommerce and Logistics industries, AGENA 3000 offers collaborative solutions to optimize the management of flows throughout the value chain.
Axway is a software company, providing software solutions and services in the fields of Data Integration, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), business to business (B2B), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Business Process Control (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


Misc Partners

GALIA was created in 1984 to answer an urgent need to improve exchanges between business partners within the automotive industry. At that time, there was neither Internet nor e-Business EDI (Exchange of Data Interchange) and EDTi (Exchange of Technical Data) was at its very beginning.

EDI Software Vendor Partners

Numlog relies on the analysis of your existing software to advise and support you in the implementation of solutions to secure your data exchanges and communications, in accordance with the technical, business and organizational constraints of your industry.

Sales Partners

As a service company specializing in professional electronic exchanges (EEP) / B2B as well as electronic data interchange (EDI), Olaneo provides consultancy services and computer engineering services in technical assistance or flat-rate mode.

EDI Software Vendor Partners

REDSOL was created on May 2010 by a team of experts on EDI / B2B / E-Commerce projects. The company’s headquarters is based in Poissy near to Paris. In the framework of its development, the company has implanted a subsidiary in Barcelona, Spain during 2013.
Tenor, an IT service company specializing in EDI exchanges (Electronic Data Interchange) and BtoB e-commerce, helps its customers set up EDI solutions in SaaS and On Premise mode for paperless invoicing projects but alsofor the creation and development of logistic solutions and portals.